Shamatha Sunday's

Sunday June 22nd, Oct. 12th & Jan. 4th
6:00am -2:30pm


Shamatha meditation is known as the key to progress on all paths. Your ability to concentrate your full attention on this moment of experience is the key to attaining any results.


Shamatha Sundays are about community. Join us for group guided and unguided meditations for the full day or for a half hour—it’s up to you.


We sit on the floor or in a chair, lie down, stand or walk for 24-minute gatikas. We take six-minute stretch breaks every half hour on the hour and half hour. The door will open every hour and half hour.


You are welcome to enter at any half hour interval.


We take a lunch break from Noon-1:00pm.


This is a perfect opportunity to sit and focus on your particular meditation with a group of dedicated meditators. Feel the energy of the group carry you to new heights.


The suggested donation depends upon the length of time you stay, the longer you stay the more the contribution. Your generous donation helps us keep the doors open and provide the space for these auspicious gatherings and teachings to take place.


FEE: $10-40 suggested donation.