The Great Pledge 2017: A 24 Hour Meditation Fundraiser

Three Jewels Vancouver & Friends are raising money for KDOL Retreat Centre and to help others to get into retreat.

The Great Pledge is a series of meditations that total 24-hrs over three days (Jan 29, Feb 26 & Mar 26). 


The intent of the fundraiser is two-fold:



100% of the funds raised will be split accordingly:


  • 50% to KDOL Salt Spring Retreat Centre Fund

  • 50% to the Meditator


The following Meditators have signed up to raise money for KDOL Retreat Centre & to help cover the costs of getting into retreat!  

If you would like to donate to one of our meditators click on their name and go to their personal fundraising page! 

Meditators can choose to do the full 24 hours or select a customized package.

24-hour meditation is completed over 3 Sundays (Jan 29, Feb 26, & Mar 26). 


  • Meditators will complete 8 hours of meditation each of the selected days. 

  • The 8 hours of meditation is split into 24 minutes with a 6 minute rest in between. 

  • Each meditator has the option for their 24 minute meditation to meditate laying down, seated in a chair, on a cushion, standing, or walking.  


In Vancouver the Great Pledge will be held at Open Door Group in Vancouver or you can meditate remotely in your community or home. 

As a meditator/participant you have the choice of meditating for a shorter amount of time, depending on your experience and availability.