The Cultivating Emotional Balance research project arose from a dialogue between biobehavioral scientists studying emotion and the Dalai Lama and Buddhist monks and scholars. This meeting, which took place in March 2000, in Dharamsala, India, was one in a series sponsored by the Mind and Life Institute to foster an interchange between the Buddhist tradition and Western science. 

March 26th-27th, 2016
10am-3:30pm Sat/Sun

In this 10-hour workshop we will examine 7 universal emotions. We will look at their function, how they are triggered, experienced, and how they can be either constructively or destructively expressed.

Specific meditation practices will be presented that are used to target the dark areas of emotional episodes—balancing the mind in the fundamental dimensions of motivation, attention & world-view. Balance in these 3 areas results in emotional balance & authentic happiness.

The Cultivating Emotional Balance program (CEB) was the subject of a large research study and two clinical trials with documented positive results. This 15-hour workshop introduces the essentials of the full 42-hour CEB program Doug teaches.

Cost: $150- 3 day workshop
Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada

There is also a 10 day retreat with Doug
March 11-20th, Saltspring Island.
Call 778 877 8448 for details

.Doug Veenhof is a certified Cultivating Emotional Balance trainer and teaches meditation around the world, including at the latest 5-week CEB Teacher Training in Australia. He has been studying and practicing meditation for 25 years, and is a former mountain guide, an award- winning journalist & author.

CEB Workshop