Support a Retreat!


Can't make it onto retreat yourself?  Plant the seeds for retreat, by supporting others to get into retreat!

GOAL: 100 meditators!
currently we are at X donations!






$ 60



$108    Choose this option to enroll as a meditator!



The intent of the fundraiser is 3-Fold:


1) To raise funds for KDOL Retreat Centre on Salt Spring


2) To raise funds for a future Three Jewels Vancouver location which we would like to purchase

(more info to come on this- Dharma Co-housing and Three Jewels Vancouver Centre)



3) To raise funds for either yourself or someone else to attend a 3JV sponsored retreat


100% of the fundraising (after expenses) will be split accordingly:

  • KDOL - 40%

  • 3JV new location - 30%

  • Yours or Someone else's Retreat Scholarship Fund - 30%



How does this (meditation-athon) fundraiser work?



* The Great Pledge 24 Hour Meditation Fundraiser is a meditation-athon.


* It is held over 3 days (1 day a month – starting in October).  


* We meditate for 8 hours per day for a total of 24 hours of meditation



* The format is 24 minute gataka and 6 minute rest for the full 8 hours



* To join you would sign up as a meditator (registration to meditate is $108 per meditator) 


* You would then gather pledges from your sangha, friends, family, and co-workers


* You could collect pledges such as a $1, $2, $5, $10 per hour that you meditate or a lump sum for the full 24 hours



* There will be a fundraising website; you will have your own personal page to invite others to donate directly to you or generally to the event.



* The great part of this type of a fundraiser is that the meditation aspect can happen anywhere



* You could set up a group in your home town and we can help coordinate that we are all doing the meditations on the same day


* You can have the option of being an individual meditator, set up a team, or get a group of meditators for your area (i.e. New York, North Carolina, Arizona, California, Oregon, British Columbia, etc...)


*For every $100 that you raise $25 can go towards the cost of your next retreat