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Monday Meditations
The Principal Teachings of Buddhism
Level One of the Steps to Buddhahood (Lam Rim)

This Course is an excellent overview of the entire Buddhist path; all subsequent Courses elaborate upon the ideas presented in this Course. This Course is based upon The Three Principal Paths (Lamtso Namsum) by Je Tsongkapa (1357-1419), with the commentary of Pabongka Rinpoche (1878-1941). Topics include: what is a qualified teacher, how to take a lama, what is Buddha nature, what is authentic Dharma, w
COURSE 2: Buddhist Refuge
Level One of the Perfection of Wisdom (Prajna Paramita)

This Course is based upon The Ornament of Realizations (Abhisamaya Alamkara) of Maitreya and Master Asanga (350 AD), with a monastic commentary by Master Kedrup Tenpa Dargye (1493-1568). Topics include: what is the perfection of wisdom, what is refuge, the objects of refuge, the reasons for taking Buddhist refuge, the qualities of a Buddha, the different types of bodhichitta, what is nirvana, the divisions of nirv
4 Applications of Mindfulness
Urban Retreat w/ Douglas Veenhof
ACI 12
ACI COURSE 12: Guide to the Bodhisattva’s Way of Life, Part 3 Level 5 of Middle-Way Philosophy w/ John Buchanan
ACI 13
Logic & Debate w/ John Buchanan 2013
ACI 14
Lojong, Developing the Good Heart
Level 3 of the Steps to Buddhahood (Lam Rim).

This Course presents classical advices on how to be a good person, and is based upon A Compendium of Texts on Developing the Good Heart (Lojong Gyatsa) by Muchen Konchok Gyeltsen (1300 AD). Lojong texts from the Compendium include: The Eight Verses (Tsik- gye Mar ) by Dorje Seng-ge (1044- 1123), the Wheel of Knives (Tsoncha Korlo) by Master Dharma Rakshita (1000 AD), Seven- Step Practice for Developing
Bok Jinpa 2
Setting Your Meditation on Fire w/ Sherri Kajiwara

Based on Master Kamalashila's book: Stages of Meditation
Bok Jinpa 3
Meditations w/ Sherri Kajiwara
Bok Jinpa 10
Mahamudra meditations w/ John Buchanan
Magic of Empty Teacher
Tuesday's July 8- August 19th 7:30-9:30pm
w/ Sherri Kajiwara

The guru is empty. A projection or mirror of your own good qualities. In order to perfect oneself, one must first practice seeing perfection in another – in the first place in the guru, and eventually in every other being.