Our community studio is run by a team of dedicated volunteers and senior students. For 3JV to continue to provide the highest caliber of programs, we need to generate a portion of our income through fundraising efforts to pay for basic operating costs.

Why do we exist?


 3JV teaches a deep and comprehensive approach to the yogic system by reuniting the wisdom of the inner practices of Buddhism with the dynamic outer practices of India. Doing yoga poses with a strong inner focus and intention, using meditation to cultivate deep peace and actively studying traditional wisdom are all effective paths to happiness. These practices give us access to our ultimate potential.

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It’s easy! Our community studio’s Jump into the Deep End program provides foundational funds necessary for Three Jewels to keep offering unique programs and a place dedicated towards study and practice.

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For payments in Cash and Cheque Mail or drop off your contribution to:


Three Jewels Vancouver

Friends Program

5131 Clarendon Street


Vancouver BC


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