A Message from Doug Veenhof

 Dear Friends,


I sincerely hope that your individual experience of the worldwide pandemic has not introduced grievous suffering to your life and that the disruptions of your plans and expectations may provide a clear space in which to evaluate the priorities and goals that have defined normal for you.  I know that all of you receiving this have long ago prioritized your journey on the path to genuine happiness and that our annual one-month retreat at DKOL on Salt Spring Island is an important aspect of deepening your practice.


All of us have been hoping that by this point there would be certainty that the risks of the pandemic would wane by June and allow us to safely return to the cozy proximity of a meditation hall by mid-July. Unfortunately, there is no certainty yet about the pandemic’s course and some reliable forecasts suggest there could be successive waves of virus outbreak after isolation requirements are relaxed. Many high-profile events around North America scheduled for midsummer are canceling and it seems to me that it will be better for all of us if we make the decision now rather than waiting another six weeks to see how it goes.  


So, it is with genuine sadness that Christine and I concluded that the 2020 one-month retreat should be canceled. These annual retreats on Mt. Tuam have been a highlight of the year for me, and I thank you all for having given me the opportunity to guide them.  I’m confident we will have many more opportunities to practice together in the future, whether it be again on Salt Spring Island, on Cape Ann, or at the new home for the Center for Contemplative Research at Nada Hermitage in Crestone, Colorado. 


Most of my activity in the near future will be in helping to prepare Nada Hermitage for long-term retreaters to arrive and then to go into retreat myself. But I will likely be keeping some kind of teaching schedule in the next few years and will stay in touch with you about that. I also plan to release audio from past retreats as weekly blog posts on my website when I have a chance to work on that. Until I see you again, I hope that the blessings of this path provide an unshakeable peace from which to view the difficulties still ahead and that you progress swiftly along the path to your ultimate goal.


With gratitude for your friendship,