Our Vision


We exist to illuminate the depth of the yogic path to lasting happiness. We provide comprehensive and heart centered meditation, philosophy, music and yoga programs rich in ancient wisdom.


We teach formal Philosophy Classes from the Asian Classics Institute, dedicated to the serious study and personal practice of the original teachings of the Buddha.


Through weekly classes & workshops, we offer Meditation Training & Retreats steeped in ancient traditions of Tibetan Buddhism.


We offer yoga suitable for all levels and specialize in Heart Yoga, founded on Hatha and working both inner and outer methods. Especially powerful for those wanting to deepen their practice.




While all dharma classes are by donation, we have a scholarship fund for those who would like to do personal retreat.





Volunteer Positions


Want to serve the centre?  Dharma service is invaluable- bring your gifts to the world in a meaningful way! 





Jump Into the Deep End


Become a patron of Three Jewels- support your community by giving a monthly donation to keep the centre open! 







Three Jewels hosts many fun social events- from musical nights (kirtan), to volunteer appreciation parties, here are pictures of the Three Jewels Community!  Here you will also find heart-felt testimonials about 3JV. Send us an email to add yours!

Yuliya K


“My first class at 3JVS was taught by John Buchanan and it happened to be Tibetan Heart Yoga 2 - "Mahamudra" or "Great Seal". Not only was I taken through a unique set of Yoga poses, but I also discovered that "I am a changing thing" and that there is no "controlling me"...which was unusual, scary, yet somehow attractive. I kept coming to different classes and one day I took a class with Joni Leung whose love melted my heart and I could never go back to my old fearful self. I have been coming to 3 JVS for the last 3 years to learn about death, karma, emptiness, compassion - topics that are explained to me in depth, in clear and practical manner, so I am actually able to apply what I have learned in my daily life. At 3JVS, I have discovered by best, happiest part of "me"!”

Amanda Rawlins

" The community at Three Jewels Vancouver and the amazing teachings offered is one of the main reasons i am still in Vancouver!!! This place is not just a normal yoga centre, its an extraordinary gem in the heart of the city with extraordinary  people teaching and attending. I found this place as i stood opposite the tiny door on broadway in a jet lagged state newly arrived from the UK . As i entered i was welcomed with open arms. The teachings on Tibetan philosophy, heart yoga and meditation as well as the loving community have changed my life! I have been regulalrly attending for a few years and intend to keep this jewel as part of my life path. "

Floriana Albi


"Three Jewels Vancouver, is for me, both a refuge and an excellent opportunity to provide service as a volunteer. It is very important that it remain open to help and support others!"

Sarah Enright

The Curious Yogi

“I found about Three Jewels Vancouver in January 2011 through a book called "The Diamond Cutter" that my friend gave me to help me build a ethically sustainable business. Floriana introduced me to the meditation classes and I dabbled for a few months. Then in May something happened, my perspective on life started to shift thanks to all the beautiful people there. Now I am deeply involved helping with their print and web graphics, studying philosophy, practicing meditation, as well as attending a yoga class here and there. I'm so grateful for Three Jewels Vancouver. My outlook on life would not be so bright without their guidance.”




* I first heard about 3J from Lama Marut

* I came first to 3J to attend the ACI 16 course taught by Lama Shadi and Sherri at the time

* I was happy that I could have a place to go where the ACI courses are taught

* People were nice and friendly, ready to give you a hand if you needed it

* I was able to advance in my practice

* Yes. I will be coming back to 3J for attending teachings in order to expand my practice

* I first participated to a Kalachakra Yoga class held by Deedee. I had a good experience.

* I have attended ACI 16, Kalachakra Yoga and Bok Jimpa.  The classes are taught in a professional way by teachers from an authentic lineage.


Lada Paul

"A little bit over three years ago I discovered this jewel in the middle of a big city.  At that time in my life I was looking for answers, things were not working for me at all. Unhappy, discontented, restless, etc, etc-you name it! I thought it is because I can’t find a job, or because Vancouver is gloomy and I miss the sun after moving from Israel, or because we have money problems or because we had to sell our house, or and or...And then I stepped on this unknown road.... It felt uncomfortable, awkward or even scary at the beginning. But there were THEY!-amazing people who were rock-n-rolling on this road and seemed pretty happy.  I grabbed THEIR hand and just started running along. What is the THREE JEWELS VANCOUVER?!! IT IS AWESOME-NESS!!!! I tend to think of it as the most comprehensive health insurance, because it heals and protects your body and mind and spirit. More and more people today start realizing that in order to become happier, inner transformation has to happen. For me it started at Three Jewels Vancouver!!!!  Hope for You too!!! Take it, shape it and live it in Your own way.  Love You and can’t wait to meet You,"

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John, Joni, Meshe, Leonarda