One-Month Retreat with Douglas Veenhof

Kunzang Dechen Osel Ling (KDOL)

Salt Spring Island, BC  
July 19 -August 15, 2020

Stilling the Mind and Seeing its Nature

Retreat Cancelled due to COVID-19

Stilling the Mind and Seeing Its Nature


For more than a thousand years, the masters of Tibetan Buddhism’s Dzogchen and Mahamudra lineages have refined a progression of techniques for experiencing directly the empty, luminous nature of the mind. This direct approach relies on the moment-to-moment close observation of meditation to provide transformational insights that can eliminate the mistaken habits of perception at the root of all suffering.


This one-month retreat will provide instruction on those techniques, and the liberating view of reality they lead to, as well as provide an ideal setting of natural beauty for your own dedicated practice of discovery.


Drawing from the Dzogchen texts of Düdjom Lingpa, the Mahamudra texts of the Ninth Karmapa, and the teachings of B. Alan Wallace and Thrangu Rinpoche, we will begin by exploring a full progression of shamatha practices from breath meditation to merging mind with space. Then on the basis of the stable focus cultivated with shamatha, we will probe the nature of the mind itself with the precise investigation of vipashyana practice. 


The sources for these practices are considered to be advanced Buddhism, but this clear and systematic presentation is suitable for all levels. Long-time practitioners may find an exhilarating new approach, and even relative beginners will learn a comprehensive foundation and full spectrum of meditation skills to take home.


Doug Veenhof is a close student of B. Alan Wallace and travels widely to lead meditation retreats. Recent retreats he has led include the annual one-month retreat on Salt Spring Island, BC; a two-month retreat for the Buddhist nuns of Thosamling near Dharamsala, India, and a ten-day retreat for Kalachakra Centre in France. Doug has been selected to be a resident teacher along with B. Alan Wallace at the Center for Contemplative Research, a long-term retreat and research facility being developed in Tuscany.